Friday, August 8, 2008

Thoughts on the Opening Ceremony

I'll admit it - I am a nut about the Olympics. One of my secret dreams was to be an Olympian - too bad that dream wasn't strong enough to prod me into practicing anything. Ever. But anyway, I just love to watch the Olympics so I am celebrating the Opening Ceremony at 8pm on 8-8-08 with 8 oz of my favorite beverage. Well, maybe I'll celebrate with 16 or 64 oz - who knows?

Thoughts on the ceremony:
  • Those drums were bad as hell! (This link has a clip of the drums!) I can't even imagine how much practice it took to get everyone together.
  • I've always wanted to "fly" on stage hooks. It would be especially cool to fly covered in lights!!
  • The vision of the children handing off the Chinese flag to the soldiers really creeped me out. The thought of such a huge nation and the future of that nation as a military power just scares the hell out of me. They could overpower anyone just by their sheer numbers.
  • The section with the guys in the gray/white dresses kinda freaked me out as well. Did they look like the grim reaper to you?
  • They said they embrace harmony. Did you just disagree? Seriously, did you just disagree? Well, off to prison with you!!
  • I wonder how heavy those paddle things were for the sea-faring section.
  • The guy playing the piano had hair the very closely resembled the Heat Miser!! Not really a good look!!
  • Ohhh - I want a light suit!!!!!!!!
  • I'm starting to get bored because of all these commercials!!
  • And my battery is about to die.
  • What is up with those hair extensions on Sarah Brightman? That hair looked like it belonged on Elvira.
  • Did you see those outfits on the Hungarians? They looked like a herd of red and white cows.


Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Lori I didn't watch and I now believe I'm glad I didn't.
Hehe..I always secretly wanted to be Dorothy Hammel - even got the haircut. But my biggest aspiration was Nadia. I so wanted to be a gymnast on the Olympic team.

8oz. at a time baby!!!

Travel Girl said...

I was underwhelmed with the whole thing. The whole thing seemed to be in slow motion. I went to bed half-way through. I shouldn't be so critical. The fireworks were pretty spectacular.

Desert Survivor said...

I only got to watch a little but loved the drums too. And I couldn't believe it when the Chinese printing press turned out not to be mechanical or computer-driven but by people--it must have been kind of hot under those things and hard to remember when to move. I'm looking forward to watching more of the Olympics--let us know what you like the best!

Big Hair Envy said...

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! I wanted to be a gymnast in the summer, and a figure skater in the winter!

I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the opening ceremonies at home. Alone. With a bottle of wine. And cheese and crackers. GO ME!! The drums were BY FAR my favorite!

JD at I Do Things said...

Thank you so much for the link to the drum show (COOL!) and for the blow-by-blow description. I missed the opening ceremonies for some reason, and the YouTube pickings are rather slim.

JD at I Do Things