Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow - I'm impressed!

You will be glad to know that I have finally set up a Facebook account. What took me so long? I couldn't begin to tell you. Well, yeah, maybe I could tell you.

I knew Facebook to be a networking site. And, just to be quite honest, I was afraid I wouldn't know anyone on there and thus have no friends! Or worse, I would know people but they wouldn't want to be my friend. I want friends - Lot of friends!! Will you be my friend? Oh wait - that makes me sound needy. But I am needy. So, would you be my friend??

Anyway, back on track, I joined Facebook. And once on there, I connected with quite a few people that I went to high school with. While cruising around on their sites, I stumbled across one guy that used to torment me in English class. He sat behind me and he would ever so slowly push my chair up, until I was pancaked against my desk. I would scoot my chair back and he would start again.

My tormentor has become a fellow cyclist and fellow traveler. And he has a website about his journey across the United States. Quite an undertaking. But even more so when you see that he is going by bicycle. Solo. Well, almost solo. He is pulling a trailer with his dog in it.

His journey will take him from Olympia, Washington to Key West, Florida! And is geared to try to raise money to support research into juvenile diabetes.

On his 'About the Author' page, he tells of his experience with being overweight and very unhealthy. To date, he has lost 160 lbs! He has inspired me. Check out his site and tell him Nutt sent you over!


BusyBeeSuz said...

I was recently bullied, I mean asked to join facebook too. I did, but I don't visit it much. Too much blogging to do/read.
Funny about the bully boy.
He is doing a good thing now, perhaps he learned his lesson.
Take care,

thatcoolbroad said...

Congrats on busting your Facebook cherry! It's pretty wild how you can connect (or at least find out about) people from your past. I recently hooked up with an ex-boyfriend via Facebook and found out he's still a jerk!!

Oh, and I just read a study that said that the more friends you have on Facebook, the more likely it is that you're a narcissist. So be picky and keep those numbers low:)

TheVinylVillager said...

After much begging, and a friend finally just setting an account up for me, I joined myfacebookspace or whatever.

Its amazing...people who I didnt talk to in High School (or who didnt talk to me) now suddenly think we need to reconnect.

Big Hair Envy said...

I'm fighting the FaceSpace pressure to the bitter end!!!

You've been tagged:)

Monkey Toe Momma said...

I was tricked into Facebook by a dirty, rotten friend. I make sure I rub it in every chance I get. What are friends for, after all.

I joined MySpace to keep connected with my 18 yr. old SIL, and what did she do? She deleted her account after I joined. CONNED!!!

If I don't know you, I don't allow you into my friend group. And my account is set to private. Odd, don't you think, for someone who has a blog about her life?

TOM said...

I want to do that cross country thing, in a luxury motorcoach with a wet bar, but I haven't had the time or money to do it!! I'm on facebook I'll look out for you (-: