Friday, October 31, 2008

Tag - I'm It!

After my post yesterday, the whole world can see just how needy I am - begging for friends on Facebook. Pathetic! And then, someone stepped in to rescue me from the doldrums. My friend over at Big Hair Envy tagged as a Blogging Best Friend.

Big Hair and I stumbled across each other just as we were beginning our blogging adventures. I have to say we are like two peas in a pod. And if I had to be a pea in a pod, I would be glad that she is the other pea!

Like me, she is a child of the 80s who could never get her hair big enough or her jeans acid-washed enough. Just give her a can of Aqua Net and everything will be all right!

The rules of the tag are this:
  1. Only 5 people are allowed.
  2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog. (I don't know how this one is going to work out. Followers - yes! Dedicated - well, maybe not!)
  3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world. (Kinda hard - since like Big Hair, I am not known worldwide. Yet.)
  4. You must like back to whoever linked to you.
Big Hair said she would still be my BBF if I chose not to respond to the tag so I will do the same for my chosen peas. I'll still love you all! So here are the rest of the peas in my pod:
  1. The Fat Cyclist - He will have to be the one from another part of the world - he lives in Utah! He will also have to be the non-dedicated non-follower of my blog - he is just way out of my league but I love him just the same. His was the first blog that I ever read. His writing was so good that I eventually went back and read every archived entry - covering several years!! His blog started out as a way to track his weight loss and fitness plan and to rave about his love of cycling. It morphed into something more akin to a diary. His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago and it is since metastasized into her brain, bones, lungs, liver, etc. And he has taken us along on this arduous journey. His strength and obvious love for his family has brought me to tears more than once, especially lately - Susan is now to the point that he has brought in hospice to try to make her remaining days as comfortable as possible. While struggling against such tragedy, he has managed to raise lots of money (like $37,500 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation!) for cancer research! The love and support amongst the Friends of Fatty is palpable.
  2. Donna Reed in Blue Jeans aka Monkey Toe Momma - Monkey Toe Momma is always a lot of fun. She has lots of really funny stories about her family - her girls provide lots of fodder for blog entries like this post. She has been attacked by a killer grasshopper, is very crafty, and is married to a pirate. And who can resist a pirate!
  3. Desert Survivor - The Survivor describes herself as an ecologist, rancher's wife, mother, writer, and dreamer. I especially like the dreamer part. Besides she lives in the desert and deserts just call to me. She is just chock full of information. I have learned more about scat from her than from any other source and you just can't ever have too much knowledge about scat. You never know when that category will come up on Jeopardy. I think Desert Boy is very lucky to have such a great mom!
  4. Tales from The Vinyl Village - The Villager is just too much fun! You just never know what is going to cross his mind in the Monday Morning Mish Mash. His posts include everything from farting on a policeman to his conversation with his mother about anal sex to strange things he has done to his penis! Just don't force him to go out when he needs to pass out!
  5. Busy Bee Suz - Suz is the latest addition to my blog world. She lives in Florida so I am entrusting her with my dreams of a winter-long glowing tan. You just gotta love someone that goes nuts over the ice cream man and that posts beautiful pictures of the flowers in her garden. Besides, how can you resist a woman with two boxers (said by the woman that is headed to take care of her two boxers!)?
  6. Tales from the Trailerpark - I know I was supposed to just pick five. So sue me! It is just really hard to resist a woman that describes herself as White Trash With Money. Besides we're having a party tonight and who can resist party serving Pit Bull Punch!
Stop on by - I'm sure you'll feel welcomed by them all!
PS - I was going to wear the cutest shoes IN THE WORLD today but my still swollen foot won't let me. Damn!


big hair envy said...

Thanks for playing tag with me!!! I see a couple of new-to-me bloggers on your list that I will just have to "meet"!!!

Happy Halloween:)

VE said...

Damnit...I wanted to be THE source for scat knowledge...

The Incredible Woody said...

Big Hair - I really thinking we need to arrange the convention for New Year's Eve in Times Square for everyone to meet!!

VE - Aw, VE if I had only known of your desire....

BusyBeeSuz said...

Thanks SO much for including me. What a nice surprise!!!
I just played this one this morning...whew and I am exhausted.
Take care...
gotta go work on my tan!!!

Big Hair Envy said...

OMG! The SHOES were NOT posted when I stopped by this morning! Are those Danskos??? I hope you get to wear them SOON:)

Desert Survivor said...

Hi! Thanks for including me, I feel honored. And not to worry, I'll have more scat trivia at some point, so your Jeopardy days will be secure. I'm going to go check out a couple of the other taggeds right now.

The Incredible Woody said...

Suz - You better get started - I love my tan!!

Big Hair - Me too and yes - they are Dansko Confetti. Vol Fan thinks they are the ugliest things he has ever seen!

Desert - Thanks, you just never know when scat knowledge will come in handy!

Anonymous said...'s probably best that you can't wear those shoes anyway, hon. Most guests at the Jolly Jack-O-Latern Whing Ding (you ARE coming? right?) end up going home missing a shoe or blouse or other item anyway.
Thanks for the tag. I'll have to get to work on it after I recover from my Pit Bull Punch hangover.

Anonymous said...

awww thanks for the blog love! Ill get to work on spreading it this week.