Saturday, November 15, 2008


I find I am very content at the end of this day.

It was a day filled with laughter, squeals of delight, jumping from the furniture, ice cream, a couple of chocolate bars, the occasional cry when things didn't go just so, lots of changes of clothes (Pita is a bit of a diva), cartoons and cartoons and cartoons.

And now one baby is sleeping peacefully upstairs.

The other is snoring on the floor after falling asleep watching Dr. Doolittle.

Prima Ballerina went on a girl's weekend in Gatlinburg. The Boss Man and Vol Fan went to an equipment auction in Knoxville. This left me with the girls, Pita and AB.

I am tired. I'm not used to the constant activity.

But now as I sit by the fire listening to the rustle of the cold wind through the trees, I am content.


Jason, as himself said...

Contentment. May it last for an unusually long time!

Thanks for commenting on The Jason Show today!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this...sounds like a wonderful day for all of you. Take care,SUZ

Desert Survivor said...

Sounds like you had a great day! It's amazing you were still awake after such an active day.

smiles4u said...

There is nothing better then contentment. It's beautiful! There is nothing like sitting by the fire, listening to wind outside. Makes me wish I had a fireplace. Since I don't, and it's cold outside ( I live in Minnesota) I will settle with being content just being inside my warm house, watching football with my husband, listening to my two little people playing around me.
Thank you for stopping by my blog! You have a great place here....I will most definetly be back.