Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Drama

Family drama, Incredible Woody Style
  • Weezy has been having some trouble in school. Last Friday as my Dad picked her up, he was met by the principal. Needless to say, Poppy was not a happy camper. That type of drama does not fade quickly in my family.
  • Scheduling is always a problem. My brother and his wife must also make time for her family's get-together. My step-mother likes things to go according to her schedule. And her schedule does not flex. If it must flex, she is very good at making her unhappiness known - usually little snide jabs. Little snide jabs tend to piss me off. Big time.
  • My step-mother also makes giblet gravy. Who in the hell even knows what a giblet is? All I know is I don't want them floating around in my gravy. One year I cooked the turkey and I told her that something must have gone awry at the turkey factory because my turkey was missing his giblets. Guess what - everybody loved the giblet-free gravy!!
  • Now that I look at my list, I feel like a whiner. I think the biggest stress of the day is all the little dramas that go on. And have gone on for years.
Family drama, Vol Fan Style
  • Vol Fan's brother, Harley Rider, and his wife, Zima, have Thanksgiving dinner at their house. They do this to include both families - hers and his. But [wait for it] they drink. Gasp! Vol Fan's new stepfather is very, very ANTI-drinking so he won't go. This means Vol Fan's mom won't go either.
  • Vol Fan's sister is, how do I put this nicely, um, gauche. Yeah, that's a nice way to describe her. So a day spent with her is trying. To say the least.
  • And she is arguing with their mother over money and a whole bunch of other drama. She says she will not set foot in "that house" for Thanksgiving. But even if she does not show, you can be confident in the fact that she will do something to upset Vol Fan's mother.
  • She also claims that she wasn't invited to Harley Rider's house. And all that drama is just plain stupid.


  • Gas was $1.59 yesterday morning.
  • There is no internet access at either house. That pretty much does it in right there!!
  • I now officially have high blood pressure. The doctor told me to avoid stressful situations.
  • These situations stress me. In my family, I am the "peacemaker" and want everyone to get along and be happy. So I have to swallow my thoughts and feelings to try to hold things together.
  • In Vol Fan's family, I really don't feel like it's my place to say anything. So more swallowing those emotions.
  • Another thing that drives me crazy - Vol Fan can just say whatever he thinks and forget about it. No stress, no worries. And that just drives me bat-shit crazy!
  • With my need for everyone to love me and for everyone to be happy and get along, this crap really gets under my skin. And stays there. I can feel my stress mounting just typing this!

Vol Fan thinks I'm kidding about skipping everything for a trip to the Grand Canyon. But I am SO not kidding. I'm thinking of taking another trip at Christmas. I can think of all kinds of places I would like to visit.

Too much drama and I'm gone. You coming, Vol Fan??


Busy Bee Suz said...

This is really too bad. I am also the peacemaker and want everyone to be happy.
Does not sound like you will be able to do this though...
Really, head for the mountains, or the canyon!!!
You would both be better off avoiding the conflict.
That is my 2 cents.
Giblit gravy? Nasty.

big hair envy said...

You have just described every family gathering we have encountered over the last 26 years. The peacemaker in me has had just about enough!! I am hosting our family meal at my home this year...on Friday....because of the inflexibility of others...and I am NOT going anywhere Thursday! So THERE!!

The invitation is still open for you and Vol least it wouldn't be YOUR crazy would be OURS!!!

The Incredible Woody said...

Suz - Yeah, I'm thinking it is a pretty good idea too. I don't deal with conflict in a healthy manner.

Big Hair - You tell 'em, girl. If you see a gold CR-V roaming around your neighborhood, it's me!!

Monkey Toe Momma said...

Our family cannot get together without having DRAMA. It's what we live for. ::rolling eyes::

I think a trip to the GC is what is in order! You should do it! Then everyone will have one more thing to talk about at Thanksgiving dinner. lol. :)

Sarcasm is just one more service I offer. said...

Yikes, sorry you have sooo much drama going on. I don't blame you for wanting to get away from it all.

On another note, I have no idea what a giblet is

Hope you have a peaceful holiday. :o)

jay said...

Time to take notice of what your body is telling you, I think. You are not cut out to be the peacemaker - it is making you ill.

Go the Grand Canyon and leave them all to sort it out between them! Just ... GO!


JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, boy. I'm the peacemaker, too, but luckily our family drama (and in-law family drama) is minimal.

Yes! GO to the Grand Canyon! Life is too short for drama, especially if it's making you ill.

As for giblet gravy, that would make me ill. I don't know what giblets are either. Are they like niblets? You know, niblets of corn?

Hope you can keep calm.

JD at I Do Things

Desert Survivor said...

Good luck sorting it all out! Actually, don't sort it out, it's not your problem. Hang out with the kids and ignore the adults--that's usually my strategy. The kids always seem to have lots more fun at get togethers because they go and do things like playing games. And definitely go for the Grand Canyon, standing at the edge looking into the beauty will lower your blood pressure.

Chat Blanc said...

I think you should save yourself the stress and opt for the Grand Canyon. Drama is sooo tiresome!

Grandma J said...

Since everyone else has issues and won't show up if someone else does, it looks like it will be just you guys and Vol Fan's brother Harley and his wife. Then lock the door in case someone else comes looking for drama.

Giblets? ugh.

Of course central Tx can't be too far, and my daughters family is fun and never any drama.....maybe a bit of poker, football and wii.

The Incredible Woody said...

MTM - LOL - So I'll actually be doing THEM a favor!!

Sarcasm - Thanks. I think I'll take a small stash of pain killers just in case.

Jay - You are so right. I had never thought of it that way.

JD - Glad I'm not the only peacemaker around!

Desert - I always sit at the kids table!!

Chat - Tiresome, indeed!

Grandma J - Your day sounds like it will be much better. I'll be there around noon. OK?

smiles4u said...

I think I would want to run for the mountains myself. Do not like drama either and I have the peace maker in me too. Why can't people just get along and act like grown ups? When people start acting stupid at one of our family functions, I have learned to just pour more wine into my glass, and walk as far away from it as possible.

TheVinylVillager said...

Ill never understand why, when a person is "anti-something" they have to reflect that on everyone else. If you are anti-drinking, well then don't drink. I personally HAVE to drink to get through the holidays.