Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

The weekend started innocently enough. My sister arrived for a visit on Friday evening. We enjoyed an evening with Pita and AB, letting The Boss Man and Prima Ballerina have a child-free dinner out.

Saturday dawned crisp and clear after the rain on Friday. We helped The Boss Man and Prima Ballerina prepare for the most important event - Pita's 4th Birthday Party.

The original plan had gone south in a hurry when the place they had rented got shut down for failing to pay their rent. Luckily the weather was supposed to be fair enough for an outdoor party at the house. So we all pitched in - helping to prepare.

The party had it all - cake, ice cream, a bounce house, electric ride-on cars, swings, slides, leaf piles. What more could we want!

The party went off without a hitch - other than the collision by the birthday girl driving the electric toy car and my real car! Thank God she hit the bumper because she really knocked the hell out of it!

Saturday evening Vol Fan and I went with my sister to a party. It was a group of friends that she had graduated with - BBQ, desserts, music, and alcohol. Another perfect party!

But all good things must come to an end - Vol Fan woke on Sunday with a back ache. He had strained it earlier in the week and I thought he had just slept in a weird position causing the pain to come back.

As the day wore on, the pain did not lessen. In fact, it got worse. And worse. He finally decided to head home and take some of my leftover pain meds. I called him an hour later to check on him. All he could say was "I've got to get to the hospital."

So I rushed home. He was in so much pain that it was making him nauseous and he could hardly stand.

Yep, you guessed it. Kidney stone - 3mm. And it had a cousin - 4mm. They are both in a position that he should be able to pass them. So after 2 shots of Demarol and 1 shot of Toradol and 1 shot of Phenergan, we are back home with pain meds and a urine strainer. Hopefully it will be quick.

Another nice Sunday afternoon emergency room visit!


jay said...

Oh ... OUCHIE! I've heard about the tremendous pain that kidney stones cause. I hope that's an isolated incident for him and he passes those quickly! Poor guy!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The parties sound great and the pictures are adorbable. Love them. Sorry to hear about the "stones". I have never had the pleasure of those in our house, but have heard they are horrendous.
I hope he fares well. take care,

Anonymous said...

as you know, I can SOOO relate to hubby...

I still havent given birth to my two little babies.

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Stay clear of him when he is passing them because you know how women can sometimes be vile and vicious in child birth? well you know how a man is a wuss with a cold? times them both by 3 while those stones torture him as they pass through. I hope they pass quickly and he feels better soon.

big hair envy said...

OUCH!!!! I hope Vol Fan will pass those babies before he gets addicted to painkillers!!!

TWO parties in ONE weekend? You must be living right:)

Happy Monday, my friend!

VE said...

And like the George Harrison album..."All things must pass". Some more painfully than others I guess... Good luck!