Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Christmas Gift

[Alternate Title:  How I Moaned and Groaned, Bitched and Whined Until Vol Fan Went Shopping]
About a week before Christmas, I asked Vol Fan if he wanted to open his Christmas presents.  I have a hard time waiting. 
He said, “Presents?  We weren’t supposed to get presents.”
In a very innocent voice, I said, “Uh – I must have missed that memo.”
He said, “So I am supposed to buy you a present?  But I bought you a house!”
In a very innocent and sweet and loving voice, I said, “Uh, yeah!  How long have you known me?  Pfft!  Are you supposed to buy me a present?!?  What kind of silly question is that?…….”
So on Christmas Eve eve, Vol Fan went shopping with his brother, Harley Rider.  I honestly did not know they were shopping.  Every time I called, they were at Hooters!!
But they really were shopping (between Hooter visits!) and they were shopping for bling!  Vol Fan doesn’t buy bling very often (I’m not much of a bling type of girl!) but when he does, he buys VERY nice bling.  And nothing was meeting his high standards.
So on Christmas Eve morning, Vol Fan said, “I really need some help.  I need a list or something.”
I gave him a list of a couple of camera things for him to choose from and I gave him T’s number, just in case he needed advice. [PS – Thanks for all your help, T!!] 
Vol Fan went all out!  I am having SO much fun playing with my new lens.  And seriously, my flash is bad ass!!
 2010-1-6 Kids pics 003


VE said...

What I have observed over the years is that...

Women can't do a thing
Without some bling

mom x 2 said...

hahah Love VE's comment and I totally agree!!

Why do men ask that question? So I have to buy you a present? Well, DUH! But it looks like VolFan did good :)

T said...

It was my pleasure my friend!

And who says camera gear isn't bling? Maybe not bling for your body - but what he bought you certianly is bling for your camera!

GREAT bokah in this shot!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

You'd better hang onto VolFan! What a shopper. And that T is a keeper too!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Nothing like a good friend to help you out!! A little bling is a good thing...but so is an awesome blingy lens!!!

Linda said...

I got an IOU for new garage doors for Christmas, but so far, nothing has been done yet. I'm not holding my breath!

We've been married almost 45 would think he would know by now! pfbttttt.........

Mental P Mama said...

He's a keeper!!!!!

Grandma J said...

Very nice! I love how you focused on that one part of that photo.

I got what I asked for, then went out and bought my own iphone and new wireless printer that I can't figure out how to make wireless.

Living on the Spit said...

Love this shot!!! He Shoots...He Scores!! Nice assist T...what a great bling present!

Snooty Primadona said...

Yeah. I'm jealous. They don't make extra lenses for crappy digital cameras, do they? Didn't think so.


Tammy said...

Love that photo! Can't wait to see more pictures you take with your new baby!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh How NEAT... What a wonderful Christmas present, Woody... That new lens can bring out the BLING in everything.... WOW--thanks Tracey for the suggestion to VolFan..