Monday, October 4, 2010


  • It rained today.  The first time in 3 months.  (More of a drizzle but things were wet nonetheless.)
  • I missed a family gathering over the weekend.  My sister was in Tullahoma for her 30th class reunion.  Sad I missed it.
  • If not for cell phones, text messages, Facebook, and this blog, being on the road could make a person really, really lonely.
  • The people on Bingo drive me crazy.  They always congratulate the other players when they bingo.  WTH!  I don't want to congratulate them.  Their bingo kept me from getting my bingo!
  • The NCIS people visited the jobsite last week.  Sorry for the peeps that were being investigated but I thought it was really cool.
  • Went celebrity stalking in Malibu.  Saw a maid and a couple of gardeners.
  • Learned that there are some really trashy beachfront homes in Malibu.  Who knew?
  • We have new neighbors in the apartment below us.  Should I go ahead and apologize now for being a stomper?


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Woody, All you have to do is to pop in one of your private jets and fly home --especially when there are reunions.... OH--you don't have a private plane???? Geeessshhhh---Well in that case, just go make friends with one of the Hollywood types... I'm sure they'd loan one of their planes to you when you wanted it.....WTH????? ha ha ha


Mental P Mama said...

Ohhhh. I love Malibu. I am so envious;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are a stomper.

If you come to my house, you will see the same celebrities: The maid and gardener: ME!

Nelson's Mama said...

I went to my 30th class reunion in Kentucky in August; been meaning to blog about it...there's a core group from my class that always shows and we had an awesome time as usual.

Briefly thought about crashing that Tullahoma reunion since I knew lots of people there and had partied with quite a few of them...really thought they should have invited me ;)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I love NCIS!