Friday, April 19, 2013

A Very Trying Week

The week has been one for the books.

Monday afternoon, we picked Vol Fan's truck up from the repair shop.  We left $3500 lighter in the wallet but the truck was ready for more miles on the road.  Two hours later, we received a phone call - telling us we were needed in Texas ASAP for work.  So we went to tie up a few loose ends before leaving town. 

We were driving through town and slowed for a car turning ahead of us.  As we were starting to take back off, WHAM!!  The driver behind us was distracted by something (phone, text, radio?  I don't know!) and slammed directly into the rear of Vol Fan's truck.  She never even applied her brakes.  We were all checked by the EMTs and since we weren't bleeding and nothing seemed life-threatening, we were sent on our way.

My injuries were minor.  I was sore from the jarring.  I also had a slight concussion from hitting my head on the headrest so I was dazed and had a headache for a couple of days.  Vol Fan's injuries lingered.  We went on Tuesday to our regular doctor to be checked out.  He sent Vol Fan for x-rays which the local hospital screwed up (which is par for the course with them!).  So our doctor agreed with our decision to go to Vanderbilt Bone & Joint Clinic.  Once there, Vol Fan had competent x-rays and examined.  It was determined that his injury was to the nerves running down his arm - the brachial plexus.  It has been tingling and numb since the accident.  The injury will heal but will take time, probably 4-6 weeks.

The repairs to Vol Fan's truck will be a minimum of $1800.  That number is for body work only.  There are still some mechanical issues with his brakes to be addressed. 

While we were at our appointment with our regular doctor, he gave us the results of the biopsy that Vol Fan had last week.  Basal cell carcinoma.  Vol Fan had the cancer removed in a procedure this afternoon.  Same shoulder as the injury from the accident so I guess the sling will help protect the stitches as well.  We will know more once the pathology comes back next week.  Doc seemed confident that he had gotten it all so fingers crossed that the margins are clear and no further treatment is necessary.

I was getting overwhelmed with it all and Vol Fan reminded me of some important truths.

First, it could be worse.  His arm could be permanently injured but it isn't.  My injuries could have been more serious but they weren't.  The skin cancer could be an aggressive form but it's not.  

Second, no matter what - as long as we have each other, we can face anything.

He is very wise and I think I'll keep him.


Betsy Adams said...

So sorry for what you two have been through this week... I can only imagine what a hard week it has been... My prayers and love are with both of you...

The good news is that you two are okay and that you are together... God Bless.


George said...

Yes, I think you should definitely keep him. I'm sorry you have had such a week. Hopefully things will only get better.

Desert Survivor said...

That does sound like a really tough week. Here's praying that this next week is much better for you!

Lisa said...

That's a healthy attitude. Things will get better.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm liking the ending of this post way better than the beginning. :) I'm glad you are both going to be ok; you got through another trying week. It will get has to!! Be safe and take care of each other; I know you will.

Mental P Mama said...

Amen, sister, amen. And what is it with our cars being rear-ended? The starts are all wonky. The next time you're here, you'd better call me! xoxo