Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The One Where I Scream Like A Little Girl

As we hiked the Devil's Hall trail at Guadalupe National Park, we were enjoying the peace.  Soaking in the beauty.  Then we encountered a wild aggressive beast.  And yes, I screamed like a little girl.

This is the scary beast.

Scolopendra heros.  Also known as the Giant Red-Headed Centipede.  And let me tell you he is a scary, scary beast!!!

I spotted him beside the trail.  We stopped to look at him and to take some pics.  Vol Fan used his hiking pole to try to move him into the open a little better.  And that pissed him off to no end!  He ran out of the grass at the speed of light, reared up on his back 14ish legs, and proceeded to lunge repeatedly at the hiking pole!  It was the scariest bug I have ever encountered!

Vol Fan asked why I was so scared - all I had to do was step on it.  Seriously?!?  I couldn't begin to imagine stepping on that thing.  It would open its bug jaws and swallow me whole!!

Later I told Vol Fan that I would love to be able to draw.  If I could, I would draw a cartoon - Sancho the Centipede.  He would be wearing a giant sombrero and have a huge handlebar moustache.  He would be reared up on his back legs.  On each set of front legs, he would be armed with pistols and have bandoliers crossing his chest.  The Adventures of Sancho the Centipede.  I think it could be a hit!


MastHoliday said...

definitely, looking bugaboo! nice post, written well.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Wow, I never knew centipedes could be aggressive.

Betsy Adams said...

Bet one of your nieces could draw Sancho the Centipede. AND---if they draw it, you can add the words --and wah-lah----you'll have a best seller children's book.......

I don't like those bugs either --and they would scare me too. I could NEVER step on one. Guess I'm such a girl!!!!!! ha


George said...

I would definitely be interested in 'The Adventures of Sancho the Centipede'. May I assume he wouldn't go around scaring you?

Busy Bee Suz said...

LOL; yes, start on the scary cartoon. I too would not step on him....with my shoes that is. :)