Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Step Up My Game

On Friday night, AB fell asleep at about 7:30.  As I watched her sleep so peacefully, I thought 'Oh crap!  This is going to end bad!' - knowing that she would either a) wake up at 5am ready for the day or b) wake up after about an hour ready to party all night long.  B came true.  But sadly, we couldn't party all night long.  We had big plans for Saturday and we ALL needed our rest.

AB likes to sleep on a pallet in our walk-in closet when she stays the night.  As we laid in the closet, I rubbed her back, stroked her hair, praying that she would go back to sleep.  Around 10:30, I told her for the 500th time that she HAD to close her eyes and go to sleep.   She said, "Aunt Woody, this pallet in the closet isn't really comfortable for sleeping."

I responded by telling her how fabulous the pallet was.  It was so soft and so cozy.  It really was the best bed in the house.

She turned and said, "So how about you sleep on the pallet and I'll sleep in the bed?"

She shut me up REAL quick!

Aunt Woody needs to step up her game when dealing with AB!  :)


Grandma J said...

I have an inflatable air mattress for those situations. No one likes sleeping on my futon because it's as hard as a pallet.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Ha ha! Too funny.

George said...

AB is one sharp cookie.

Busy Bee Suz said...

LOL....oh my. That is so funny. Thanks for the belly laugh!