Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Moment

Do you have any moments from your life that you will remember forever?  Not a general event.  But a specific moment in time.  That you remember every detail.  Many times, these moments are from bad times, traumatic times.  Thankfully, I was reminded yesterday of a good one.

As I was walking around my neighborhood to get some exercise, I was listening to my iPod.  A song came on by Drive-By Truckers.  A song that I first heard at Bonnaroo last June.  When I first heard it and when I heard it again yesterday, I was reminded of a perfect moment.  The song is called 'Grand Canyon'.  The lyrics....

          We went to Grand Canyon
          And we stood at the expanse
          And we watched the rocks change colors
          And we watched the shadows dance
          We probably didn't say anything til the sunset turned to night
          We let the spirits do the talking with cascades of fading light....

I was reminded of the evening of May 12, 2010.  Vol Fan and I had taken a trip west to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  That evening, the evening of our anniversary, we found a spot on the rim of the Grand Canyon.  A spot away from the viewpoints.  We were the only souls in sight.  And we sat.  Mostly in silence.  Listening to the canyon.  And watching the sunset.

A beautiful moment.  A beautiful memory.


George said...

And a beautiful post.

Betsy Adams said...

I remember when you all had that experience I think.. At least, I remember seeing some pictures of you that evening ---or one similar...

I loved seeing the Grand Canyon at sunset also... BUT--my favorite memory from our western trips was YELLOWSTONE... Such an awesome place --all over!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this so much. Isn't it so great to remember those good moments???