Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Silver Lining

Earlier this week I was talking with Blazer.  She was having a crazy busy day and had locked her keys in her car.  As we texted about her predicament, she said 'I needed to slow down anyway'.  I commented about her looking on the bright side of things.  And that has set my mind to thinking about how to look on the bright side of things in my own life.

Dark side:  We wanted to take a cruise/rail trip to Alaska to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this year but work is preventing that from happening.

Bright side:  Yay!  25 years!!
Bright side:  Vol Fan has a job that provides for all our needs.
Bright side:  This extra year will allow for more planning.
Bright side:  Woody has learned that an account at work takes Visa.  More specifically, they take Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa.  And it is an account with which they spend thousands and thousands of dollars.  Rapids Rewards Visa + paying the bills for this account = Woody is planning on paying for the majority of the Alaska trip with airline points!  Cha-ching!!

What is your bright side today?


Betsy Adams said...

Yes---there is a 'silver lining' --IF we take time to look and think about it. Sorry your big trip won't work out for this year --but like you said, you have another year or so to PLAN.....

We didn't go on an Alaska trip one year ---and still haven't done it... Hope you get there before we do!!!! ha


Teresa Ellifritt said...

That is a great way to look at it!