Thursday, October 8, 2015

Idaho Falls

Vol Fan's current job assignment is in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  I was very excited when I learned this would be our location.  We had driven through the area on our way to Yellowstone last fall and I thought it was incredibly beautiful country.  When I told people that we were going to Idaho, many people's response was "What's in Idaho?  Other than potatoes."  I didn't really know but I was excited to find out.

We found a long-term-stay hotel (a kitchen makes the travel life SO much easier!) that was about 5 minutes away from Vol Fan's job site.  As a bonus, the hotel is located right beside the Snake River and the city's greenbelt runs through the hotel property!

That is our hotel from the far side of the river.  It is a beautiful place.  I have enjoyed my daily walks along the greenbelt.  And seriously, the weather couldn't be more perfect!

Idaho Falls was named because of a series of rapids that were located on the Snake River.  In the early 1980s, the city decided to use the river to generate power and created the 'falls' as they are now. And they did a beautiful job of it.

This little section of falls is located by a Japanese-style garden that my walking route takes me through.  I am thoroughly enjoying my time here!


George said...

You've certainly got a beautiful location to stay. I love the scenery.

Betsy Adams said...

You truly are in a marvelous place... What a job site/area.... And how lucky to find a temporary home so nice in such a great area. I'm so happy for you both... Wish we were there too.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Nice to see you! My aunt loves Idaho and has done a lot of backpacking there. It really does look beautiful.