Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another re-start

Ok, I have determined that while I love my family very much, they are not condusive to weight loss. After 1 week at home, I am back up to 179!!! Thus, the second re-start of the year. On the plus side, while I was at home, I picked up my birthday present.

Isn't she lovely?!? She is a Specialized Ruby. That line is women-specific design. Which is great because I am short. Not just short legs or a short torso. I am all over short. The women-specific design has everything just a little on the compact side, even the brake levers are easier to reach. So for the re-start I am heading on a ride - we'll see how far I make it. I've only been on the stationary bike all winter. But the weather looks good and I really need to exercise!!

Addendum: I just got back from my ride. I was thinking that once I had this new bike, I would be able to ride sooo fast and sooo far but, alas, I am still a wimp. Yes, I could ride faster and farther but it is still exercise and I am still fat. So you do the math! The thing that I found out is this bike really tired my arms and hands out. My other bike was very upright - this one, I am leaning forward the whole time. So I am sure I will toughen up as time goes by.

I went to Jamestown so I could ride on the scenic loop, not for the scenery but for the lack of traffic. Good thing I did! I must have looked like I had never been on a bike before. It takes some practice to get used to clipping into and out of those pedals. This bike is much more sensitive to my touch than my other bike - I think it has to do with the tire size. Aah, but once I got clipped in and used to the steering, my bike rides like a dream! There was one section of recently paved road - riding on that was absolute heaven!

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