Monday, March 3, 2008

Diet while traveling

I have decided that I cannot be on a diet while having to drive. I don't mind taking long trips in the car but I have one rule - I must eat the entire time!

Today, I drove home to Tennessee (Yea!! I got to see my girls!!) from Virginia - an 11 hour drive. I did much better than I usually do about eating while driving. Other than lunch, I only had a bag of white cheddar cheese crackers and 2 boxes of everlasting gobstoppers. Usually on that long of a drive, I would have had A LOT more candy. (I absolutely LOVE candy! Not mature candy like dark chocolate (Don't get me wrong - I love that too!) but I really love candy that kids love. I could eat myself sick on the stuff.) The gobstoppers worked pretty good because they have a hard shell so you can't just devour them.
I entered my calories for the day on and I did much better than I thought - not even 2000 calories. Pretty good for eating junk and candy!
Weight this morning: Who knows?! I was up too early to even think about it!

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