Friday, May 30, 2008

Troublesome gang activity...

I went on a ride this morning. It was fantastic with a couple of exceptions. I was harrassed by gangs at several spots along my route. Usually my route is peaceful and scenic. I ride on Knoxville's extensive greenway system.

But today, there were gangs. Usually 5 or 6 in a pack. Apparently they are from across the border because they did not seem to understand anything that I said. All I did was ask for them to move to one side so I could pass.

They obviously didn't want to share the path because as I tried to pass, they came at me, making scary noises. So I pedalled as fast as I could to get by safely.

They are also litterbugs because I had to dodge their refuse on several occasions.

Here is a picture of the trouble-makers. Avoid them at all costs!


Corinne said...

ROTF!!! That was too hilarious!!!::GRIN::

gaining some lb's said...

You are very lucky you survived the wrath of that gang. They looked very mean.