Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I hurt!

This morning, I hurt. I have bruises on both knees. My back is stiff. My shoulder hurts. And my wrist is swollen. "Good lord! Where you in an accident?"

Why, yes. Yes, I was. Three accidents, actually. In rapid succession.

I have never been accused of being coordinated. And yesterday was a prime example. I was riding my bike on the greenway, heading up a short but steep hill. I changed gears and heard a very unwelcome sound. My chain had come off. So there I was pedalling to nowhere! And I am not very good when it comes to unclipping from my pedals, especially when I am in a panic.

Knowing that I'm am about to go down, I chose to go down to my left since I am still sore from the surgery on my right shoulder. Somehow on my way down, my hands become glued to my handlebar. So my left knee is the first to hit and I roll back down the hill with my bike going up over my head. So I did an endo, just backwards!

Of course, I jump up really fast (once I get my feet out of my pedals!) and make sure no one saw me. Thank God, I was alone! But, damn, that really hurt!! So I put my chain back on and continue on my way.

Less than 1/2 mile later, I did it again. This time I didn't have time to choose which direction I was going down. So I ended up on my right side thus the swollen wrist and sore shoulder. I wasn't so lucky as far as not having an audience. There were a couple of kids riding by at that particular moment. They got a big laugh - Glad to pick up your afternoon, boys!!

So I put my chain on again and continue on my way. Less than 1/2 mile later, I did it again! This time I was able to unclip fast enough to keep from falling hard. But I decided that I had had enough. I was done and I was not going to change gears until I had visited the bike shop.

The guy at the bike shop got a nice little giggle over my troubles, too. But he is patient with me and tried to not make me feel like the biggest dummy in the world. My problems were a combo - my derailleur needed an adjustment and I need more experience on my bike.

So now, the adjustment is made. But the experience will have to wait til I'm a little less sore. Looks like it will be the treadmill for me today. Hopefully I won't go shooting off the back!!


Anonymous said...

I used to work for a bike place...and that was always my fear about clipped in pedals--that I wouldnt be able to jump off fast enough!

glad you werent hurt worse...hope its all better soon.

Lori said...

VV - Thanks! That was my husband's fear upon purchasing this bike. He knows just how graceful I can be and obviously, he was right!

Big Hair Envy said...

When I started reading the first paragraph, I was all ready to tell you to quit doing it on the kitchen table.

That would have been much funnier than me saying how sorry I am that you had such a terrible bike experience.

Lori said...

Big Hair - HA! If only!!

Keeper Of All Things said...


Lori said...

Keeper - I (very smartly) stashed away some of the leftover painkillers from my surgery so I'm ALL RIGHT!!

Philly said...

This is why I do not ride a bike!


Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I too was thinking along the lines of big hair envy..sorry to hear about not one but three bad accidents in a row.

I was once riding my bike to the local ice cream stop. I couldn't stop for some reason and crashed into the wall in front of about 30 people. hehe. I have since quit riding while intoxicated

Lori said...

PP - At least you had a good excuse for the accident!

Jay said...

OUCH! Poor you!

See, that's one reason I don't cycle. ;)

Lori said...

Jay - I would seem that you have some sense whereas I seem to lack a little!!