Monday, July 21, 2008

To Andy

To Andy of Safety Sales Company in Livingston, Tennessee:

When you make a cold call trying to sell something and you ask to speak to whoever is in charge of regular company safety meetings and the person you are talking to says that it is her and you ask what her position with the company is and she says that she is the office manager and you say "Oh, uh, yeah (in a disappointed tone) Can I speak to someone else?",

You are not getting through to anyone. Ever!

So unless you are important enough to already have the owner's number, you better make damn sure you impress me because I've got you and your future sales with this company by the balls!

Kindest regards,
The Incredible Woody
Office Manager
AKA Wielder of the Iron Fist


Tricia said...

Cold calling makes give me serious chills, and apparently the person who called you needs a refresher course in phone manners.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I used to love it when I would get a call like this and eventually they would call back and get the owner and he would make them speak to me.

Stupid smucks would quickly retreat realizing they f'ed up.

Lori said...

Tricia - Yeah, I don't think he's going to last very long in sales!!

PP - I just love being in TOTAL control!!!

Monkey Toe Momma said...

ROTF - HYSTERICAL!!! What an ass.

Lori said...

MTM - I know!!!