Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Update

Thought I would post a few pics of everyone in their costumes. We met at Mamaw and Poppy's house before the girls headed out for trick-or-treating!

AB was Pocahontas. Pita was Bat Girl. And Weezy was a Pirate Wench.

For the group picture, no one was really interested in taking those Tootsie Roll Pops out of their mouths! And it was a very good thing the shirt of my convict costume was long because while I was squatting taking photos of the girls, I ripped those pants from stem to stern!
My brother, The Boss Man, and his wife, Prima Ballerina, took the cake with their costumes. A member of The Blue Man Group and a Vegas Showgirl!


Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm. -Abraham Lincoln

Since yesterday was the two week anniversary of my not-s0-graceful plunge down the attic stairs, I thought I would give you an update on my lovely ankle. Thanks to the late President Lincoln, I now know what my problem was. Right place THEN stand firm. I always get those out of order!

  • Still swollen. Check
  • Nice bruise on top of foot. Check.
  • Matching bruise all along side of foot. Check.
  • Lovely bruise on back of ankle. Check.

But I can walk and only with a slight limp.


BusyBeeSuz said...

Love the costumes, very cute.
Glad you are getting around better...the bruises sound so colorful and pretty. not.
take care

big hair envy said...

Poor Woody!! Don't worry, you'll be back in those new Danskos before you know it:)

I think it is SO cool that everyone in your family dressed up for Halloween! Sorry about your pants...but, you're right, it would have been a lot worse if the top wasn't so long! Bwahahahaha!

Desert Survivor said...

Great costumes! Hope you all had lots of fun! And keep that ankle healing.

The Incredible Woody said...

Suz - Yes, they are lovely. They are going from your basic black to a lovely mixture of purple, red, blue, and green.

Big Hair - And I had on polka dot underwear!!

Desert - Thanks. I'm trying to keep my support boot on - I am still trying to make it to Utah before the next job starts!!