Saturday, August 31, 2013


Last night, Vol Fan and I had a few friends over for a cookout.  After we had eaten, the guys headed inside to watch some football.  Pita was inside playing and as the guys came in, they warned her, jokingly, that they were going to burp, fart, and maybe cuss.

She was mortified and came outside to tell us what they had said.  We told her to tell them two things.  #1 - Woody said not to cuss.  #2 - That they had to pay her a quarter if they let a curse word slip.  Pretty soon, someone slipped.  Yes, they said 'Shut up' so they had to pay the piper.

Someone even handed her $2 to pre-pay for any future incidents.  I think she was pleased with her newly found money-making venture. :)


George said...

It sounds as if Pita has quite a business (or law) career ahead of her.

Busy Bee Suz said...

She is a smart cookie!!!

Mental P Mama said...

Note to self: do not have Pita over during SEC football games.

Jeevan said...

lol! this sounds fun